Adsense success!      


               I too like many others signed up for an adsense account expecting to make millions. I did not make millions. Millions of visitors, yes. Yet almost zero clicks on the adsense ads. However I have made a little bit for myself in recent times. It took me almost three months to discover some very simple yet effective techniques. I have made a small compilation of these. Hope you find them helpful.  

* Read this compilation of simple to-dos.                                          

* Implement them in your website.

                  * You will see a definite improvement in your click through rate.



1.      Place your ads where they are sure to be seen, that is, they just cannot be avoided. Do not compromose on the position of your ads at all. Some examples are : at the beginning of a paragraph, right in between the body text etc. Look around this site for a better idea.

2.      Add a large text catchy phrase on the top of your site (something funny if possible) so that visitors are immediately attracted to your website.

3.      Use normal fonts and normal sizes in the body of your website. The website should look neat and professional and should give the impression you mean what you say. Also people after they are interested by your website would be more curious in finding out what the smaller text says which will lead them to the Google Adsense ads.

4.      Use Google Adsense image ads in strategic locations. They are very useful in attracting clicks. Of course you cannot underestimate the attractive power of  text ads as well when placed strategically.

5.       For vertical ads use them on the left side of the screen rather than on the right side. Readers after getting done with one line, unconsciously return to the extreme left of the screen rather than to where the next line actually begins, thus leading their eyes to the Google Adsense Ads.

6.       Whatever is the main subject of your website, use that subject name a lot of times in your websites. This ensures well targeted Google Adsense ads at your website. This means your visitors will automatically be interested in what the ads have to offer.

7.        As for the color scheme of the Google Adsense Ads; it is always better to blend it with the website color scheme itself rather than make it more catchy. This makes the Google Adsense Ads look professional and thereby more convincing.

8.        Experiment a lot with the colors, ad formats etc and find out which one works and which one does not.

9.        Use unconventional advertising for your website like posting on forums, using friend network communities, posting on other people’s blogs etc.

10.       Keep working on getting more visitors, the bloodline for being a successful adsenser. Look here for some ways to do that.

11.       Make some small tweaks on your website in order to make it more search engine friendly. Some examples are : optimizing your website title, using the right keywords etc.

12.       Use text advertising, offered by websites such as , etc.

14.       Look around this website for some implementation examples.

Optimizing adsense advertisements and getting increased traffic and clicks and making more money